Hello Beautiful…..Love the Challenge!

To be contacted by a New Client and commence discussions about their Project is an absolutely thrilling aspect of my creative job as a Designer!

My radar is honed on the language my New Client uses to explain how the present state of their home fails them and their Family.

My love is to translate those frustrations into a Beautiful Solution!  A beautiful solution that explores new ways to think about their Space, new material elements to experience within their Space and new function for the development of their New Space.  The pretty parts are only half of a well-developed solution.

I start the process with Mood & Inspiration Boards combined with tactile samples.  These tools connect my Clients to the Design Vision and are a fantastic catalyst in the forward motion of the Project.

Mood Board for a Century School House Project for 2017
Drapery, Flooring, Backsplash and Colour Inspiration for Ancaster Client for 2017.
Renovation Inspiration for a Main Floor Overhaul for 2017

The dialogue between my Clients & I over the Mood Boards is exhilarating and the wealth of information exchanged allows for an immediate flow forward to create CAD Elevations with every nuance of Design within.

Why do Clients hire me to Design and guide them upon this journey?

Because Clients realize the importance of how a well designed thoughtful substantial alteration to their living environment plays on their Joy. They love the energy & passion I bring forward in translating an interesting creative vision into a wonderful dynamic Space. I create Homes.  I create the beautiful backdrops to my Clients Lives!



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