Hello Beautiful……..My Kind of Happy!

I spend much of my day in a delightfully happy state of mind.  (No I’m not smoking anything).  I’ve got 24 hours in my day, as does everyone else.  My entrepreneurial life and personal life are busy and stress filled, but I made a conscious decision many years ago to intentionally look at life through rose-coloured glasses.

Full.  Blatant.  Blinders firmly on.  Deflecting the morose. Focused on an optimistic perception of my every day.

I seek out the positive, the bright, the energetic, the beautiful and keep….protectively….my creative soul in a place of peace.   To preserve my inner authentic spirit I have approached life from a perspective where the glass in always 3/4 Full.

Life is short. Living my life any other way is a plain ol’waste of my time!

I do run up against my fair share of challenges and challenging people but my philosophy and approach to stay the course of respectfully happy, while conveying my perspective or solution, tends to turn the tartest of lemons into lemonade.   I realized years ago that positive energy begets positivity. Purposely I have surrounded myself with a Team and Clientel that also share a joyful spirit.

I believe it to be a choice.  Yes, joy and positivity are a choice!

Robust goodness reciprocated between humans is a deliberate act by those who select this path.    Infectious as a smile.   I do believe we have that kind of control over our days and the manner in which we share them.  My Team fills me up with their personalities, their humour, their authenticity and I too share an energetic consciousness. My intent is  to release into the world my authentic joyfilled aura and exponentially I will positively affect the lives of others…..the lives of my Clients.

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