Kitchen Modernization

Candles Close Up Crop 1

Cupboard Close Up

Dishes On Table Crop 1

Far Counter Close Up

Kitchen Angle 1 Crop 2

Kitchen Angle 2 Crop 2

Kitchen Angle 2 Crop 3

Kitchen Angle 3 Crop 1

Kitchen Angle 3 Crop 3

Kitchen Angle 4 Crop 3

Kitchen Sink Closeup

Kitchen Towards Fridge Crop 2

Light Fixture

Light Fixtures Crop 1

Light Fixtures Crop 2

Low Angle of Island

Table Arrangement Crop 3McNeil Design Group Interiors ‘Kitchen Modernization’ has completed a gorgeous new ‪Open Concept‬ ‪Kitchen‬ and ‪Dining‬ Room renovation created from an original 1980’s home of small segmented spaces.

Collaborating with our wonderful Client to bring this dream renovation to reality was a great pleasure.

The new space was modernized with a ‪Transitional‬ focus. Clean, airy, quality finishes, top notch ‪stainless‬‬ ‪appliances‬, custom cabinetry in ‪a painted grey‬ and ‪white‬, greyed ‪hardwood throughout‬, sculptural ‪‎pendant‬ lighting and stunning ‪Quartz‬ ‪countertops‬ that mimic specialty stone without the fussy maintenance. The specified specialty downdraft ventilation made for a pristine oversized Island and created an open sight line.

Photography courtesy of Nicole Aubrey Photography

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