Hello Beautiful! ……. Blogging is Hard!

Blogging is hard… Blogging is hard!  (Insert a little foot stomping).  Seriously this “blog’n thing” is launching like a disjointed twitch!  Hee hee! …. fascinated to dive in Under different circumstances I have absolutely no problem stringing together words to express myself.  Blogging is a genre I am fascinated to dive into to share and express my love of life, my interests, design and the adventures of my day as the Design Lead & Client Liaison of McNeil Design Group Interiors.   I am imagining that every novice blogger is experiencing my same stumblers, reading the how-tos and the do-nots, getting mired down in where to start and is that the best keyword.  A brain so full of shoulda woulda coulda that I just can’t launch.  So today I’m giving myself permission to write my blog the way it writes itself off the tips of my fingers.  Some days a mere paragraph and a half, other days who knows. So if you are along for the ride…..get ready to witness my stumbles.  And feel free to chime in : ) …. kindly. Sincerely Lori

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Home Decor Improves Life and Happiness!

White Kitchen, Indigo Hex Backsplash, beautiful set Table, Oversized Floral Art, Red / Pink & White Ranunculus and Floral Fabric Inspiration

Design happy… Home Decor Improves Life and overall Happiness!  The power of designing and decorating a home especially for oneself is felt deep by Home Owners everyday! Fluffing your nest; a lick of new paint, a fabulous new pillow added to your sofa, a new sheet set for your bed…. decor makes humans feel wonderful!  What’s wrong with that?  The statement “home is where the heart is” is true in every way.   I’ve made a career out of assisting and creating lusciously comfortable homes for my Clients.  Why not fluff your nest and bring a smile to your face?  True happiness is attained in many different ways but for today let’s talk about the power of decorating your home for your sense of “Happy”! I completely focus on delivering the wow! to each project.   I understand that spaces within one’s home hold great power over the potential of how you feel, how productive you are, how joyful you can live, how robust your day can be.  Great design impacts people, impacts my Clients and thus I focus my solutions on designing specifically to fulfill all the must haves for my Client’s happy future. Have you experienced the energy boost a […]

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Hello Beautiful…….Canada!

I’m so very lucky to call Canada “Home”.  A beautiful place in the world where I have been born and raised, where I draw my values, guiding principles, personal philosophy and love for human-kind from.  From coast to coast the visual beauty and diversity of landscape is a feast for the eyes.  From coast to coast the diversity of citizens makes this land interesting and braided with intellectual and cultural richness.  To travel from Canada, I wear my flag proudly and seek those opportunities to broaden myself as a person of the world.  Upon my return, I am proud of the visual patchwork quilt I fly over and the loving arms that greet me.  I love Canada!  I wish all Canadians and Canada herself a wonderful 150th Birthday!  Be Proud and go with pride, peace and understanding through this wonderful life! LMC SaveSave

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Hello Beautiful……..My Kind of Happy!

I spend much of my day in a delightfully happy state of mind.  (No I’m not smoking anything).  I’ve got 24 hours in my day, as does everyone else.  My entrepreneurial life and personal life are busy and stress filled, but I made a conscious decision many years ago to intentionally look at life through rose-coloured glasses. Full.  Blatant.  Blinders firmly on.  Deflecting the morose. Focused on an optimistic perception of my every day. I seek out the positive, the bright, the energetic, the beautiful and keep….protectively….my creative soul in a place of peace.   To preserve my inner authentic spirit I have approached life from a perspective where the glass in always 3/4 Full. Life is short. Living my life any other way is a plain ol’waste of my time! I do run up against my fair share of challenges and challenging people but my philosophy and approach to stay the course of respectfully happy, while conveying my perspective or solution, tends to turn the tartest of lemons into lemonade.   I realized years ago that positive energy begets positivity. Purposely I have surrounded myself with a Team and Clientel that also share a joyful spirit. I believe it to […]

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Hello Beautiful…..Love the Challenge!

To be contacted by a New Client and commence discussions about their Project is an absolutely thrilling aspect of my creative job as a Designer! My radar is honed on the language my New Client uses to explain how the present state of their home fails them and their Family. My love is to translate those frustrations into a Beautiful Solution!  A beautiful solution that explores new ways to think about their Space, new material elements to experience within their Space and new function for the development of their New Space.  The pretty parts are only half of a well-developed solution. I start the process with Mood & Inspiration Boards combined with tactile samples.  These tools connect my Clients to the Design Vision and are a fantastic catalyst in the forward motion of the Project. The dialogue between my Clients & I over the Mood Boards is exhilarating and the wealth of information exchanged allows for an immediate flow forward to create CAD Elevations with every nuance of Design within. Why do Clients hire me to Design and guide them upon this journey? Because Clients realize the importance of how a well designed thoughtful substantial alteration to their living environment […]

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