Interior and Exterior Residential Design Concepts

McNeil Design Group Interiors is a complete service Interior and Exterior residential design, procurement and renovation company partnered with talented Insured Trade & Design Professionals creating turn-key stunning transitional-contemporary residences, room by room or whole Home at once.

Our Services are Defined by the Goals of our Client's Projects

McNeil Design Group Interiors meets each new Client to solve and design visually beautiful, timeless, solution focused Spaces that change the way our Clients live within their Home.  Home and Lifestyle are integrally important when fulfilling the wishes of our Clients and delivering design beyond what Clients could fathom to be their’s.

*We are the makers of fine Homes who positively impact the lifestyles of our Clientele.*

*We are professionals who our Clients trust to design and craft their dreams.*

*We are the Designers and Crafts People of McNeil Design Group Interiors.*

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Initial Client Meeting

All new Client relationships commence with an Initial Meeting where the ideas & desires of the Client are shared with Lead Designer Lori McNeil-Chong and our Design Team. In personal conversation Lori hones in to understand the needs of the Clients, reviews their inspirational images and walks the spaces for design. The Initial Meeting is for introductions, gathering vital information like the failings of the Spaces and the desires for the future. Working with McNeil Design Group Interiors is transparantly discussed, questions asked and answered, the scope of the project ascertained and approval to commence the design process eagerly accepted.

Initial Design Concepts Meeting

Research and initial selections are curated and paired to form the Initial Design Concept for each Space. These Concepts are presented and dialogued with the Client as a collaboration towards full design.  The meeting is a delightful exchange of the exciting first steps in the visual and tactile exploration of the design elements. Design Trays are shared of the initial design layouts, colours,  fabrics, cabinetry styles and surface materials.  An enthusiastic experience for the Clients as the process moves forward.

Final Design Meeting

From the selections approved in the Initial Design Concepts Meeting the greater final design can evolve and encompass all the necessary renderings, plans and details for execution; elevations, furniture layouts, cabinetry elevations, lighting plan & the specification of each product and detail.

Design to Renovation

With the final design and budget approved the ordering & scheduling process commences. The Trades commence the transformation and craft the details of the project that evolve the Home from what it once was into a positive new life changing Home. The final reveal unveils the exquisitely finished spaces with every furnishing, crafted aspect of cabinetry, accessory, art piece, area rug and beautiful component necessary to launch the Client’s new life in their well appointed lusciously comfortable Home.  

Click the button below to book your 15 minute discovery call with our Lead Designer!

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