Charter Oaks: Master Suite Walk-in Closet Expansion

Charter Oaks: Master Suite Walk-in Closet Expansion The new Walk-in Closet at Project Charter Oaks is a spacious showcase Closet with Built-in Cabinetry Armoire and open hanging storage. Before the renovation the Closet was a 48″ deep long cramped tunnel and 20″ of walking space to shuffle sideways. We are pleased to have designed an equally masculine and feminine Dressing Room for our Clients with ample storage utilizing every square inch. The deep chocolate stain selected for the Cabinetry and open storage has a classic boutique feel. Just add a stunning Designer Wardrobe and our Clients feel that everyday is an elegant shopping experience at their finger tips. The stunning lighting rays that emit from this beautiful Sculptural Ceiling Light add to the ambiance of this classic space. A serene monochromatic palette was selected to allow the Client’s wardrobe to be highlighted. With ample storage throughout this custom Walk-in Closet fulfills the wish list of our Clients with classic flair. We accessorize every space. Adding beautiful closed boxes allows valuables and delicate accessory pieces to stay safe and together in one unifed pretty storage solution. Stacked boxes can hold eyeware, jewellery, scarves or private items and look fantastic! We purposely […]

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