Hello Beautiful……..No better time then now!

It’s been a long time coming to carve out a moment to start my blog.  Gosh, where to start …..so many ideas running through my mind!  For today, let me just say that I have had the great pleasure to be “Living in the Creative” for most of my life.  I became aware of my taste for all things visually beautiful in my young Teen years and made my most conscious decision to select a Creative Lifestyle half way through high school.  I romanticized the thoughts of becoming a Painter and toiled over many canvases.  I experimented with a great old manual camera…not all images being successful.  I was lucky at 16 to be hired at a local gallery to paint within the space during business hours and speak creatively with the patrons.  I had few Creative Mentors in my early life but inquired where I could, dove into books of Painters and Creatives, experimented visually and artistically to the best of my trials. At a time of pivotal decisions in young life I chose to apply to the fantastic Ontario College of Art and Design. During those moments of looking into the crystal ball of my future I also applied to […]

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