Eclectic Transitional Living Room

McNeil Design Group Interiors ‘Eclectic Transitional Living Room’. This living space started with many challenges and desperately needed the soaring height tamed and brought into perspective with a usable configuration at ground level.  The stunning stone hearth was designed and created to give focus, romantic warmth and visual interest.  The rustic mantel beam houses the entertainment components and the over-sized gas fireplace insert is authentic and efficient.  The warm and transitional palette of colours and textures gives an understated level of visual interest that adds favourably to this small configuration of furnishings.  The soaring drapery panels, rod, finials and system were designed to accentuate the 16Ft window expanse, to balance the height of the stone hearth and to function effectively to control the light, heat/cold. A truly charming Living Room!

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Executive Formal Fireside Sitting Room

  McNeil Design Group Interiors ‘Executive Formal Fireside Sitting Room’. The creation of this Sitting Room for our Executive Clients was a great pleasure.  The space had excellent proportions and structural details.  The challenge given to MDG Interiors was to create an elegant comfortable space equal in masculinity as femininity with maximum seating options.  The seating styles needed to vary, accommodating the preferences of Family, Friends and Business Associates who were to visit and enjoy the space. The colour palette was chosen in golden tones and classic vintage whites to bring further sophistication to the Sitting Room’s design concept.  The accessories were a blend of the Client’s existing and a curation of new beautiful pieces. The silk in the area rug and drapery treatments adds a calculated amount of shimmer to balance with the twinkle of the fires flame and the reflection in the mirrors and metals within the space.

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Black, White & Neutral Fireside Lounge

McNeil Design Group Interiors ‘Transitional Black, White & Neutral Fireside Lounge’

Once upon a time there was a lonely awkward unused room….
Today this Transitional Living Space is the most beloved and visited room in this home. Beloved for the stunning white custom grand fireplace mantel & spacious flanking storage and shelving. Beloved for the deep cozy down filled chairs and re-upholstered richly comfortable sofas. Linen and velvet tall drapery creates a wall of soft texture. The contrast colour concept creates drama with a classic undertone. The custom vintage grill and millwork detailing are tailored elements creating a lovely place for entertaining gatherings or lazy Sundays reading by the warmth of the fire.

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