Victorian Spa Bathroom

McNeil Design Group Interiors ‘Victorian Spa Bathroom’ This ‘Victorian Spa Bathroom’ was created from a 1980’s space that had too many challenges and flawed elements for such an amazing historical home.  The “Must Haves” for the Clients were long; in-floor boiler fed radiant heat, a unique antique vanity, an overall concept that spoke to the uniqueness of the Victorian home, new modern high functioning plumbing and fixtures, increased  lighting, surround sound, a special retreat feel, extra storage, a luxurious new functioning tub and a toilet niche for privacy. MDG Interiors did the Grand Lady well!!  The unique antique vanity was found in a remote antique market, completely refinished and altered to accommodate plumbing and maximize storage.  The grand width and depth allotted for an expansive counter top.  A secondary antique cabinet stores ample luxurious towels, at the ready, after the Clients emerge from their over sized glass and marble  Shower Enclosure.  The MAAX Roman Bath Tub is deep and wide with all the bells and whistles for a great massage bath.  The custom tub surround and extra storage cabinets are a subtle but necessary design element and there light painted finish are clean and traditional.  The natural Palesandro Marble 12″ x […]

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