Home Decor Improves Life and Happiness!

White Kitchen, Indigo Hex Backsplash, beautiful set Table, Oversized Floral Art, Red / Pink & White Ranunculus and Floral Fabric Inspiration

Design happy… Home Decor Improves Life and overall Happiness!  The power of designing and decorating a home especially for oneself is felt deep by Home Owners everyday! Fluffing your nest; a lick of new paint, a fabulous new pillow added to your sofa, a new sheet set for your bed…. decor makes humans feel wonderful!  What’s wrong with that?  The statement “home is where the heart is” is true in every way.   I’ve made a career out of assisting and creating lusciously comfortable homes for my Clients.  Why not fluff your nest and bring a smile to your face?  True happiness is attained in many different ways but for today let’s talk about the power of decorating your home for your sense of “Happy”! I completely focus on delivering the wow! to each project.   I understand that spaces within one’s home hold great power over the potential of how you feel, how productive you are, how joyful you can live, how robust your day can be.  Great design impacts people, impacts my Clients and thus I focus my solutions on designing specifically to fulfill all the must haves for my Client’s happy future. Have you experienced the energy boost a […]

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Hello Beautiful……..No better time then now!

It’s been a long time coming to carve out a moment to start my blog.  Gosh, where to start …..so many ideas running through my mind!  For today, let me just say that I have had the great pleasure to be “Living in the Creative” for most of my life.  I became aware of my taste for all things visually beautiful in my young Teen years and made my most conscious decision to select a Creative Lifestyle half way through high school.  I romanticized the thoughts of becoming a Painter and toiled over many canvases.  I experimented with a great old manual camera…not all images being successful.  I was lucky at 16 to be hired at a local gallery to paint within the space during business hours and speak creatively with the patrons.  I had few Creative Mentors in my early life but inquired where I could, dove into books of Painters and Creatives, experimented visually and artistically to the best of my trials. At a time of pivotal decisions in young life I chose to apply to the fantastic Ontario College of Art and Design. During those moments of looking into the crystal ball of my future I also applied to […]

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