March 4, 2018

Hello Beautiful! ……. Blogging is Hard!

Blogging is hard…

Blogging is hard!  (Insert a little foot stomping).  Seriously this “blog’n thing” is launching like a disjointed twitch!  Hee hee!

…. fascinated to dive in

Under different circumstances I have absolutely no problem stringing together words to express myself.  Blogging is a genre I am fascinated to dive into to share and express my love of life, my interests, design and the adventures of my day as the Design Lead & Client Liaison of McNeil Design Group Interiors.   I am imagining that every novice blogger is experiencing my same stumblers, reading the how-tos and the do-nots, getting mired down in where to start and is that the best keyword.  A brain so full of shoulda woulda coulda that I just can’t launch.  So today I’m giving myself permission to write my blog the way it writes itself off the tips of my fingers.  Some days a mere paragraph and a half, other days who knows.

So if you are along for the ride…..get ready to witness my stumbles.  And feel free to chime in : ) …. kindly.

Sincerely Lori

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